The Northern UK Jewish Studies Partnership


In 2015 the Centre for Jewish Studies at Manchester was the recipient of a major grant from an anonymous European Jewish foundation which was designed, in part, to develop a regional network of Jewish Studies in the Northern British Isles for the period 2016-2018. The Centre acts as the co-ordinating hub of the Partnership, which is co-chaired by Profs. Alex Samely and Daniel Langton. The Partnership facilitates, among other things:

1. Regional, national and international training of postgraduates and post-doctoral researchers

An annual themed research workshop in Jewish Studies which takes place over three days in Manchester. At this workshop doctoral and post-doctoral researchers receive subject-specific as well as generic research training from staff from the partnership institutions, including career and publishing advice. The workshops form part of the approved doctoral training programme of the AHRC-recognised North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership led by the University of Manchester, meant for doctoral students at participating institutions, regardless of whether they hold AHRC scholarships. The event is free and registered participants are eligible for financial assistance with costs of any necessary travel and accommodation. Please see the registration form, below.

Workshop 4-6 July 2017, University of Manchester

Registration form (online)

Programme (pdf)

Accommodation list (online)

Preparatory readings:

   Session 4 (Samely): Sample Article: Brooke on War Scroll (pdf)
   Session 4 (Samely): REF criteria (pdf)

If you are from a Northern Partnership institution, you are eligible for at least partial reimbursement of expenses for travel (upto £150) and accommodation (upto £75 per night). If you are from elsewhere in the UK or from abroad, you may still be eligible for a partial travel/accommodation bursary. If you wish to be considered, please indicate so on the registration form.

LAST YEAR: Workshop July 2016, University of Manchester

Programme (pdf)

Preparatory readings:

   George Brooke, The War Scroll (pdf)
   George Brooke, REF output criteria (pdf)
   Nathan Abrams, 'A double set of glasses': Stanley Kubrick... (pdf)
   Nathan Abrams, Room for a Jewish disaster? (pdf)
   Nathan Abrams, Introduction to Jewish Film and New Media (pdf)
   Avi Shlaim, The Debate about 1948 (online)
   Uri Ram, The Changing Agenda of Israeli Sociology: pages xi-22 (online)
   Alex Samely, Jewish Studies and Reading (pdf)

2. Networking and research cooperation

An annual consultation meeting of senior staff at Hub partner institutions to explore research cooperation, joint funding applications and other matters of shared interest, as a separate component of the annual workshop event (above).

3. Teaching cooperation

Participation in the new pilot programme for Modern Hebrew at the University of Manchester for undergraduate studies in a mixed classroom and video-conferencing environment.


Current institutional partners include: Leeds (Drs. Frojmovic, Stiebert), Nottingham (Prof. Bielik-Robson Dr. Zellentin), Liverpool Hope (Prof. Jackson), Edge Hill (Dr. Renton), Chester (Dr Vincent), Bangor (Prof. Abrams, Dr. Stoetzler), Durham (Prof. Hayward, Drs. Egorova, Baron), Edinburgh (Dr. Holtschneider), St Andrews (Dr. Tooman) and Trinity College Dublin (Dr. Rodgers).