Modern Hebrew




There are 3 levels of Hebrew courses currently available. Level 1 (MEST 10210) assumes no knowledge of Hebrew and will start by teaching the alphabet. Some previous knowledge of the language (knowing the alphabet and being able to read a little) is acceptable. Level 2 (MEST 20210) is a post-beginners’ level language course which builds on the language and skills acquired in Beginners’ Hebrew course. Level 3 (MEST 30210) is an intermediate level language course. The courses will be taught in a mixed teaching environment for classroom-based students alongside distance-learning students (via a swivl robot and video-conferencing link).

Course details

Course Code and Title:

MEST 10210 Modern Hebrew Language 1. Provisional timetable 11-1pm Tues, 1-2pm Thurs. W2.19

MEST 20210 Modern Hebrew Language 2. Provisional timetable 2-3pm Tues, 2-4pm Thurs. W2.19

MEST 30210 Modern Hebrew Language 3. Provisional timetable 9-11am Weds, 5-6pm Thurs.

The courses will run for 11 weeks in Semester 1 (18 Sept 2017 – 28 Jan 2018) with a Winter break (no classes) and 11 weeks in Semester 2 (29 Jan - 8 June 2018) with an Easter break. The cost is £550 to audit these courses (i.e. to participate without formal assessment).

Class attendance and homework

Students are expected to attend all classes either via the internet or in person. Homework will be assigned in all the lessons.  More details on how this can be achieved are given below.  It is also possible to do both, that is, attend some classes in person and some via the internet.

Required books

Ivrit me-Alef ‘Ad Tav – Alef, Dionon, Tel-Aviv University, 1998.

Where to purchase:
1. Try Waterstones, they may be able to order it for you.
2. Gefen Publishing House

Optional book: A Reference Grammar of Modern Hebrew, Coffin and Bolozky Cambridge University Press, 2005


The equipment required for joining the classes by online participation (live):
1. Computer (either PC or Mac); a webcam (this may be built into the computer already); a headset (or, you may use speakers and a microphone)
2. Access to the internet

What next?

For further information or to register for either course, please contact Laura Mitchell. Or send her your completed registration form.