Papers of Rabbi Israel Yoffey


The place of Rabbi Israel Yoffey in Manchester Zionism.

An overview of the life and activities of Rabbi Israel Yoffey.

The Index of Rabbi Israel Yoffey's papers.



The papers of Rabbi Yoffey have recently been deposited at Manchester Archives and Local Studies (Central Library, St Peter's Square, Manchester, M2 5PD. E-mail: Tel: 0161 234 1979. The papers have been indexed by Gideon Leventhall at the initiative of the Centre for Jewish Studies and with partial support from the Eventhall Family Charitable Trust. The index is available on the CJS web site, although it is still under development. It comprises the following categories (with the number of documents in each):

As Author (Related Correspondence) 111

Character References 50

Charity and Donations 81

Closed 60

Divorce/Marriage/Conversion 68

Donations 24

General Correspondence (Non-Specific) 63

General Correspondence (Specific I) 72

General Correspondence (Specific II) 73

Ha’yehudi (The Jew) 4

Jewish Law 25

Kashrut 151

Miscellaneous 14

Mizrachi and Zionism 59

News Clippings 11

Official Duties 4

Private and Personal 42

Sermons/Speeches/Opinion 47

Shechita 25

Voluntary Services 22

Total 1006