Undergraduate Programmes

We offer undergraduate degree programmes that include Jewish Studies components, and a wide variety of Jewish studies related courses at undergraduate level, as well Jewish studies related courses at postgraduate level.

Jewish and Israel Studies represents an exciting, often controversial, set of topics. Few will doubt that the student who is studying the Holocaust, the State of Israel or the Bible is studying topics of momentous significance for understanding the world around us today. Ancient, medieval and modern Jewish History throws light on one of the most intriguing civilizations and influential minority groups, and draws upon the fabled Dead Sea Scrolls, the complexities of rabbinic Judaism and Bible, the profound contributions of Jewish thought and philosophy, and the challenging nature of Jewish/Non-Jewish Relations. The wide range of course units is approached from a variety of disciplinary perspectives including textual, historical, philosophical, literary and film studies. 

BA (Hons) Jewish and Israel Studies (minor).

A minor in 'Jewish and Israel Studies' is available as part of the University's Flexible honours degree programmes.

BA (Hons) degree programmes

In addition, other degree programmes will allow free credits in Jewish Studies course units. As a general guide, each year of undergraduate study comprises 120 credits, and the vast majority of individual courses comprise 20 credits. It is thus possible, within each of these degrees, to choose courses in Jewish studies (see individual course descriptions) which fill at least a substantial majority of the credit requirements. For the full regulations, it is necessary to consult the relevant subject area handbook. For information about undergraduate life at the University of Manchester, see the University's Undergraduate overview. Students on other degrees may also take Jewish Studies courses as outside subjects, to the extent permitted by their particular degree regulations. It is also possible to take individual Jewish Studies courses, with the consent of the teacher, as a "Visiting Student": for fees and further details, contact the Centre.