Research Seminar Programme 2016-17



As was the case in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, the Centre's seminar programme has an Israel Studies theme. Please note that the seminars will take place on Thursdays at 4pm in room A113 in Samuel Alexander Building for semester 1 and in Samuel Alexander Lecture Theatre for semester 2 (Building 67 on the Campus Map, see directions). Our seminar programme is open to all (for free) and there is no need to book, but please see the statement below on University events open to the public.

Semester 1

CANCELLED Thu 6 October: David Tal (University of Sussex), 'The Politics and Politicization of the Arab-Jew'

Thu 10 November: Carlo Aldrovandi (Trinity College, Dublin), 'Holy Space, Nationalism and Undivided Sovereignty: The Jewish and Islamist Struggle for the Temple Mount/Haram Al-Sharif'

Thu 24 November: Ruvi Ziegler (Reading), 'No Asylum for "Infiltrators": Exploring The Legal Predicament of Eritrean and Sudanese Nationals in Israel'

CANCELLED Thu 8 December: Yoad Peled (Tel Aviv University) and Horit Herman-Peled (Oranim College), 'From Dystopia to Utopia: The Way Forward in Palestine/Israel'

Semester 2

Thu 9 February: Ilana Webster-Kogen (SOAS), 'Ethiopian Music in Tel Aviv' (title TBC)

POSTPONED till 25 May Thu 23 February: Stacey Gutkowski (King's College London), 'Cultivating a Reasonable Self: Young Secular Jews and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict'

Thu 9 March: Sammy Smooha (University of Haifa), 'Israeli Democracy in Comparative Perspective'

Thu 23 March: Jacob Eriksson (University of York), 'Sweden's recognition of Palestine in 2014: Rationale and effects in theory and practice'

Thu 27 April: Brian Klug (Oxford), 'Words of Fire: Ahad Ha'am and the Jewish Future'

Thu 11 May: Amnon Aran (City University London), 'Framing and Foreign Policy: Israel’s Response to the Arab Uprisings'

Thu 25 May: Stacey Gutkowski (King's College London), 'Jewish Atheists in Foxholes? Phenomenologies of Violence and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict'. (Note the change in title from the postponed 23 Feb paper.) 3pm, Room A112 Samuel Alexander Building



Thu 29 September: Philip Alexander (Manchester): The Aramaic Bible in the Eastern Jewish Diaspora. 2pm, Samuel Alexander SG1. Ehrhardt seminar.

Thu 13 October: George Brooke (Manchester): English Observations on German Dead Sea Scrolls Scholarship. 2pm, Samuel Alexander SG1. Ehrhardt seminar.

Thu 20 October: Steve Mason (Groningen): Judaism and Paul: A Category Crisis. 2pm, Samuel Alexander SG1. Ehrhardt seminar.

Tue 15 November: Anna Bernard (King’s College London): Palestine Solidarity in the Long 1970s: Jean Genet and the Humanitarian Turn. 5:15pm, University Place, 6.210. AMES seminar.

Tue 29 November: Noam Leshem (University of Durham), Life after Ruin: The Struggles over Israel's Depopulated Arab Spaces. 5:15pm, University Place, 6.210. AMES seminar.

1 December: James R. Davila (St Andrews): Roles of Angels in 1 Enoch and the Hekhalot Literature. 2pm, Coupland 1, Pear Theatre. Ehrhardt seminar.

6-8 December: Kay Prag (Manchester), Re-excavating Jerusalem: Archival archaeology. 6pm at The British Academy, SW1Y 5AH. This is a series of three lectures: 6 Dec: The Bronze and Iron Age towns: Reflections from the archive. 7 Dec: Transitions under Rome, Byzantium, Islam and the Crusades. 8 Dec: The Islamic city: archaeology and the human story.  Further information. 

30 and 31 January 2016: Bogdanows lectures

Tue 14 Feb 2017: Freddie Rokem (Tel Aviv University), 'Before the Stage: Staging Kafka's Words’. 4-6pm, John Casken Lecture Theatre, Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama. CIDRAL lecture.

2 March 2017: David Ford (Cambridge University), 'Introducing Scriptural Reasoning - An Interfaith Practice for Our Time'. 12-1 pm, Manchester Cathedral. Ferguson Lecture related.

21 March 2017: Sander Gilman (Emory University), 'Jews as Exiles and their Representations after 1933' and Cathy Gelbin (Manchester), 'German Jews and the Cosmopolitan Ideal in Exile from National Socialism'. 5-7pm, Tue 21 March 2017, A113 Samuel Alexander Building. Astaire Seminar Series

6 April 2017: Daphna Baram (Journalist, editor and lecturer): What is The Guardian's 'Heretofore' on Zionism: How C.P. Scott’s legacy was interpreted by his successors. 2pm, John Rylands Library, Deansgate. Rylands conference.



The critical exchange of academic ideas, interpretations, and arguments must flow freely on any topic. University seminar papers are one of several proper settings for the critical scrutiny of all academic arguments. To provide the setting for such academic exchange is one of the core duties of Universities. Speakers are invited because their work has demonstrated significant research quality or achieved research impact, and the scrutiny does not proceed by pre-judging/judging the personal motivations of speakers. It proceeds by exposing the claims of seminar speakers to critical and evidence-based responses, both in the longer term and on the day. The speakers’ positions as well as the scrutiny and responses they receive from others in the field become part of the ongoing review of new claims that characterises all University subjects. This always takes time, but it is the ultimate source of all informed discussion which takes place outside the University as well. Thus a seminar series fulfils a vital function in the exchange and critical scrutiny of ideas, data, interpretations and evidence. Please see the University's Statement on Academic Freedom.


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