The Centre organises annually four research seminars, with papers delivered often by distinguished visiting academics.

There is also an occasional Rabbinics seminar, and a graduate seminar, specially designed for MA and PhD students to present to their peers accounts of work in progress, is being established.

The following seminars, which are open to the public, will be held on Thursdays 4.00-5.30 p.m., normally in Room A18 of the Arts Building, University of Manchester, Oxford Road. (Building 24 on Campus map).

9 Oct 2003 Donald McCALLUM, University of Manchester: "A Wittgensteinian Approach to Maimonides' Guide"

11 Dec 2003 2pm Bernard JACKSON, University of Manchester, 'The Jewish Background to the Prodigal Son' .

11 Dec 2003 4pm Yaakov WISE, University of Manchester, "The rise of ultra-orthodoxy in Anglo-Jewry"

POSTPONED Prof Irven RESNICK, University of Tennessee, "Medieval Stereotypes of the Jew: Evidence from Natural Philosophy and Medicine"

Abstract: Medieval theological or philosophical texts, polemics, vernacular literature, and art have been extensively investigated to reconstruct medieval images of Jews and Judaism. Scientific and medical texts, however, have received far less attention. Here, I would like to examine some 12-15th century Latin texts that begin to express an image of the Jew who is not only culturally and religiously different from his Christian neighbors but, increasingly, biologically different as well. Over time, a sense of biological difference will raise doubts over his potential for assimilation, even when converted to Christianity.

12 Feb 2004 Dr Uri EHRLICH, Ben Gurion University, "The Early Versions of the Amidah Prayer: New Directions in Genizah Research"

25 Mar 2004 Dr Meir BAR-ASHER, Hebrew University, "Jews and Judaism in Early Shi'ite Religious Literature"