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An annual series of public lectures at the University, established in 2015 by the bequest of Fanni Bogdanow. 

2018 Jan Grabowski on 'Bystanders and the Holocaust in Poland'

2017 Vicki Barnett on "The Church and the Holocaust"

2016 Michael Marrus on "Lessons of the Holocaust"

2015 Christopher Browning on "Agency in the Holocaust: Perpetrators, Survivors, Rescuers"



An annual series of public lectures at the University and one community lecture, established in 1987 by the Sherman Trusts and M&S. 

2018 Asaf Siniver on "25 years of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process: Reasons for Failure and Prospects for Success"  (Community Lecture)

2017 Gender and Jewish Studies (Sherman Conversation)

2017 Abigail Green on "A Century of Jewish Liberalism: 1848-1948" (Community Lecture)

2016 Yulia Egorova on "Jewish-Muslim Relations in the UK: History, Experience, Context" (Community Lecture only)

2015 Amy-Jill Levine on "Jesus, Judaism and Christianity: Old Prejudices and New Possibilities"

2014 Miri Rubin on "Thinking about Jews in Medieval Europe: Explorations with Text, Images and Sounds"

2013 Derek Penslar on "What is Israel Studies?"

2012 Philip Alexander on "The Messianic Idea within Judaism"

2011 Martin Goodman on "Toleration within Judaism"

2010 Bernard Jackson on "Halakah, Inheritance and the 'Heritage of Israel'"

2009 Sander Gilman on "Confronting the Present in the Past: German Jewish Exiles in London 1933-1950"

2008 Melissa Raphael-Levine on "A Post-Holocaust Theology of Jewish Art"

2007 Gadi Ben-Ezer on "Ethiopian Jews Encounter Israel: Social, Psychological and Cultural Perspectives of the Immigrant and Refugee in Society"

2006 Ada Rapoport-Albert on "Women in Jewish Mysticism"

2005 Barry Kosmin on "Rethinking the Jewish World in the 21st Century"

2004 Daniel Sperber on "The Modern Study of Halakhah"

2003 Fred Rosner on "Jewish Medical Ethics in the 21st Century"

2002 Tony Kushner on "Refugees Then and Now"

2001 Norman Solomon on "Torah from Heaven" 

2000 Judith Plaskow on "Contextualising Sex": summaries

1999 David Patterson on "The Religious Dimension in Modern Hebrew Literature": abstracts

1998 Bernard Wasserstein on "The Jerusalem Question in International Diplomacy 1798-1998": abstracts

1997 David Sorkin on "The Berlin Haskalah and German Religious Thought: Orphans of Knowledge"

1996 Bill Williams on "Voices of the Jewish Past"

1995 Paul Mendes-Flohr on Rosenzweig and Kafka

1992 Zvi Werblowsky

1990 Lionel Kochan on "The Jewish Renaissance and Some of Its Discontents"

1989 Jonathan Sacks on "Crisis and Covenant: Jewish Thought After the Holocaust"

1987 Emil Fackenheim on "The Jew of Today and the Jewish Bible"

1987 Geoffrey Wigoder on "Christian-Jewish Relations"



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5 Dec 18. The Ghetto and Antisemitism. Bryan Cheyette (Reading). 

29 Nov 18.  The Problem of Philo and the Epistle to the Hebrews Revisited. Philip Alexander (Manchester).  As part of the Ehrhardt Seminar series.

29 Nov, Scriptural Encounter meeting 'Exclusivism and Supersessionism from a Qur’an Perspective', Mohammed Ullah, Honorary Muslim Chaplain to the Manchester Universities. Reading: Texts from the Qur’an 

17 Nov, Screen & Talk film programme - Inside the Mossad

15 Nov, Scriptural Encounter meeting 'Exclusivism and Supersessionism', Dr. Dwight Swanson,  Co-Director and Senior Lecturer Manchester Centre for the Study of Christianity and Islam, Nazarene College Reading: Hebrews Chapter 8

8 Nov 18. 'I Will Try to Speak in German': Filip Müller’s Testimony to the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial and the Problem of Translation. Peter Davies (University of Edinburgh).  As part of the CTIS Research Seminar Series.

1 Nov 18.  Attitudes to Non-Jews Reflected in Old Jewish Prayer Books. Stefan Reif (Cambridge) Co-Sponsored with Centre for Jewish Studies. As part of the Ehrhardt Seminar series. Further information.

18 Oct, Scriptural Encounter meeting 'Exclusivism and Supersessionism', Rabbi Ariel Abel of Princes Road Synagogue, Liverpool. Reading: Exclusivism in Jewish Texts.

16-30 Sept 18 Gelbin curated Shoah Film series, Berlin

26-28 June 18 Postgraduate Jewish Studies workshop

27 June 18 Screen & Talk film programme - T4, un medecin sous le nazisme


21 Nov 17 Screen & Talk film programme - Remember Baghdad

13 Nov 17 Screen & Talk film programme - Wilfrid Israel: The Essential Link

8 Nov 17 Balfour Declaration day-conference

Oct-Nov 17 Holocaust Reading Group

4-6 July 17 Postgraduate Jewish Studies workshop

21 March 17  Astaire Seminar Series Panel: Cosmopolitan Jews


26 October 16 Imperial Museum of the North Day Conference on Children During the Holocaust.

30 June - 1 July 16 Postgraduate Jewish Studies workshop

27-29 June 16 - 'The Other Within: The Hebrew and Jewish Collections of the John Rylands Library' Day Conference

20 April 16 Levinas and the Disruption of Knowing seminar

11 March 16 The Holocaust and European Identity day conference

27-28 Jan 16 Digital Humanities workshop


30 Nov 15 Jewish-Polish workshop

26 Oct 15 Holocaust Workshop at Imperial War Museum

5-7 July 15 British Association for Jewish Studies (BAJS) conference, Manchester. David Ruderman (Pennsylvania), 'Are Jews the Only True Monotheists?' Podcast.

26-27 Jan 15 Moses Gaster’s scholarship in European context


12 Dec 14 CJS Study Day

20 Dec 14 Holocaust Workshop at Imperial War Museum

8-10 Sept 14 Corpses Project: 3rd Annual Conference

7 Feb 14 Mein Kampf workshop

20 Jan 14 Cosmopolitanism Project Town meeting: Migration and Culture in London’s East End 1800 to the Present


2013 Levinas Reading Group

7 Oct 13 Holocaust day-conference

9-11 Sept 13 Corpses Project: 2nd Annual Conference

14 July 13 Workshop: Social Media and Political Horizons: Israel / Palestine, the Middle East and Beyond


2012 Levinas Reading Group

22 Oct 12 Holocaust day-conference

12-14 Sept 12 Corpses Project: 1st Annual Conference

1-4 July 12 International Council of Christians and Jews (ICCJ), Manchester 2012

01 March 12 Open Evening


2011 Levinas Reading Group

25 Nov 11 Medical Ethics Conference

10 Nov 11 Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society Lecture

10 Oct 11 New Directions in Holocaust Research Conference

26 May 11 Anglo-Israel Archeaological Society Lecture

13 May 11 Holocaust Workshop


2008 Religion and the Welfare State Lecture Series

2008 W. G. Sebald Seminar

2008 JudaicaFest (2008)

2008 Anti-Semitism and the Emergence of Sociological Theory Conference (2008)


2007 Continuing education course: Frank Adam, "The Arab Israel Conflict: A History with Complexities" and Ya'akov Wise, "Piety, Poverty and Persecution; A Radical New Look at Anglo-Jewish History 1880-1980"


2006 Continuing education course: Frank Adam, "A History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict", Clive Gilbert, "Russian Jewry 1800-1917", and Jeremy Michelson, "The Holocaust - A World Tragedy'


2005 Continuing education course: Jeremy Michelson, "The History of the Jews in the Middle Ages', Michael Tunnicliffe, "Five Hebrew Scrolls" and Frank Adam, "A History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict"


2004 Continuing education course: Frank Adam, "A History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict"


2003 Rabbinics Seminar Series: On the Chief Rabbi's essay

2003 Continuing education course: Jeremy Michelson and Clive Gilbert, "Two centuries of Russian Jewry" and Frank Adam "Israel"


2002 Jewish Heritage at Rylands Day Conference

2002 Bernard Jackson, "Agunah: The Halakhic Sources"


2001 Southport Rep Council Lecture Series: "Us and Them: Jewish Identity, Ancient and Modern"

2001 MMU Lectures on "Jews in Society"


2000 Limmud Day

2000-01 Extra-mural lectures: Abstracts/Transcripts


1998 Professor Jackson on "An Academician's View of Jewish Law", 18 November 1998 (full text)

1998 Manchester and Zionism: The Community, the University and the State of Israel Day Conference (21 October)

1998-99 Extra-mural lectures Abstracts/Transcripts




1 Nov 2017: Moshe Behar, 'Birth of the Ashkenazi-Mizrahi Controversy on the "Arab Question" (1910-12)' (Oxford University). Podcast.

26 Sept 2017: Daniel Langton, 'The Apostle Paul in the Jewish Imagination' (St Joseph's University, Philadelphia) Podcast.

21 Nov 2017: Renate Smithuis, 'The Crawford and Gaster Hebrew Collections at the John Rylands Library: Creation of an Online Catalogue'. Podcast

6 July 2015: David Ruderman (Pennsylvania), 'Are Jews the Only True Monotheists?' (BAJS conference, Manchester) Podcast.

30 April 2015: Emile G. L. Schrijver (Amsterdam), 'Working with The John Rylands Research Institute'. Podcast.

27 Oct 2014: Alex Samely 'Written Religion: Some New Avenues in Analyzing Ancient Jewish Texts' at Harvard Divinity School. Podcast.

2 July 2014: Ion Popa 'The Orthodox Church and the revival of antisemitism in Romania' at the Stanley Burton Centre for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, University of Leicester. Podcast.



Some fellows constributions

Liturgical Collaboration by Rev. Roger Tomes
Omer Counter by Pauline Frankenberg
Fascism in Manchester by Dr. Yaakov Wise
Sir Sidney Hamburger by Bill Williams

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