Feature, ArtsResearch

Holocaust Studies. Ion Popa discusses his work on the Catholic Church and the Holocaust in Greater Romania. See page 2 of the February 2018 edition of ArtsResearch.


Review, TLS

Holocaust Studies. Ion Popa's The Romanian Orthodox Church and the Holocaust (Indiana University Press, 2017) was reviewed in the Times Literary Supplement. Further information.


New funding

Holocaust Studies. Jean-Marc Dreyfus has been awarded a fellowship ($30,000) at the USC Shoah Foundation Center for Advanced Genocide Research for a semester in 2018-19. He will work at the University of Southern California on a project entitled 'Corpses of the Holocaust: The Treatment of Corpses as Described in the Video Testimonies of the USC Shoah Foundation'. Further information.


Podcast, Bogdanow Lectures 2018

Holocaust Studies. The 2018 Bogdanow Lectures by Prof. Jan Grabowski (Ottowa University) on 'Bystanders and the Holocaust in Poland' are now available to view online. The lectures are entitled: (1) Bystanders in Poland, and (2) The Polish Blue Police. Originally presented 29 and 30 January 2018. Further information.


Podcast, Sinai and Synapses

Jews and evolutionary theory. Daniel Langton was interviewed by Geoffrey Mitelman on the subject of Reform Jewish engagement with darwinism for the US-based religion-and-science forum 'Sinai and Synapses'. 21 Feb 2018. Further information.


Bogdanow student report 

Holocaust studies. A recipient of a Bogdanow student travel grant, James Huyton, MA History, has written about his visit to Auschwitz. Further information.


CJS annual report

For the year 2016-17. The CJS annual report for the previous academic year is now available online. Further information.


BBC Radio Manchester

Holocaust Studies. BBC Radio Manchester's Sunday Breakfast report by Barnaby Weston on the legacy of Fanni Bogdanow for the annual lectures and the opportunity for students to visit concentration camps. 28 Jan 2018. Listen again (3 min).


Bill Williams

Manchester Jewish History. It is with great sadness that we report the death of Bill Williams, 86. Bill was Life President and founding member of the Manchester Jewish Museum and a valued colleague within the Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Manchester, where for many years he taught and researched local Jewish history. His publications include the classic study, The Making of Manchester Jewry (1976), and more recently Jews and Other Foreigners (2011). In this context, see Tony Kushner's article 'Bill Williams and Jewish Historiography' (2006). At the time of his death, Bill was still heavily involved in the work of the Centre, co-supervising PhD studies on a topic close to his heart, namely, social non-conformity in the Manchester Jewish community. His funeral will take place at 2pm on 23 February at Southern cemetery crematorium, Manchester.


New funding

European regional hub for Jewish Studies. Manchester’s Centre for Jewish Studies has been awarded £410,000 for Jewish Studies activities by an anonymous European Jewish foundation for the period 2018-22. In addition to enhancing the CJS’s activities, the funds are intended for the further development of a Jewish Studies network in the north of the UK, working with both academics in the region and with the local Jewish community. Further information.


Research seminar

Jewish communities in Egypt. Najat Abdulhaq (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg), Jewish and Greek Communities in Egypt. A CJS and AMES seminar. 4pm on Thu 1 February in A18 Samuel Alexander Building. Further information. 


TV, BBC Breakfast

Israel Studies. Following the story of the decision by Donald Trump to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Lauren Banko was on BBC Breakfast (from 41 minutes), explaining what might happen next, 7 December 2017. Further information.


Radio, BBC Manchester

Israel Studies. Lauren Banko spoke on BBC Radio Manchester about Donald Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, 7 December 2017. Further information.


Paper, University of Pennsylvania

Jews and evolutionary theory. Daniel Langton gave a paper entitled 'Darwin's Jews and Man's Place in Creation' at a one-day symposium on 'Jews and the Natural World' at the Katz Center, University of Pennsylvania, 13 Dec 2017. Further information.


Research Guide, Marmorstein Collection

Wissenschaft des Judentums. We are delighted to announce the availability of Brad Sabin Hill's Guide to the Marmorstein Collection. Arthur Marmorstein (1882-1946) was a prominent Hungarian-born rabbi, theologian and proponent of Wissenschaft des Judentums, based at Jews' College, London. His collection, housed in the John Rylands Library, University of Manchester, holds over 250 titles printed before 1800, most in Hebrew and a few in Yiddish. There are over 20 volumes from the 16th century, most in Hebrew; some 45 volumes from the 17th century, all but a handful in Hebrew; and nearly 200 vols from the 18th century, some 170 of them in Hebrew and a dozen non-Hebrew. A work of extraordinary scholarship, Hill's Guide is intended to present the collection’s thematic richness, linguistic variety, geographic range and printing-historical significance, and thereby render it more meaningful to scholars and students in diverse fields. Further information.


Workshop, University of Pennsylvania

Jews and evolutionary theory. Daniel Langton contributed a session on 'Jews and Evolutionary Theory: An Overview' at a two-day workshop on 'Judaism and the Environment' organised by Clal (an inter-denominational group of US rabbis) and the Katz Center, University of Pennsylvania, 28 Nov 2017. Further information.


Klezmer concert

The Michael Kahan Kapelye. The University's klezmer band will perform at an evening concert at the Manchester Jewish Museum, 7 Dec 2017. Further information.


Blog entry, Katz Center

Jews and evolutionary theory. Daniel Langton discusses a Polish rabbi's nineteenth-century book Toldot Adam [The Origins of Man] (1874), which is the earliest Hebrew translation of (excerpts of) Darwin. The blog entry is entitled 'Naftali Levy: An Interesting Species (or min) of Jewish Evolutionist'. 27 Nov 2017. Further information.


New publication

Ancient Jewish Literature. Alex Samely, 'Educational Mechanisms in Ancient Jewish Literature. An Overview of Unknowns', in G. Brooke and R. Smithuis (eds.), Jewish Education from Antiquity to the Middle Ages: Studies in Honour of Philip S. Alexander (Leiden: Brill,  2017), pp. 147–200. Further information.


New publication

Dead Sea Scrolls. George Brooke, "Further Thoughts on Isaac in the Scrolls from the Qumran Caves,” in Reading the Bible in Ancient Traditions and Modern Editions: Studies in Textual and Reception History in Memory of Peter W. Flint (ed. D. Falk, A. Perrin, K.S. Baek; SBLEJL 47; Atlanta: SBL Press, 2017). Further information.

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