Conference contributors, BAJS 2017
Friday, July 14, 2017 at 9:06AM
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Jews on the Move: Exploring the movement of Jews, objects, texts, and ideas in space and time. Contributors from Manchester to the BAJS Conference 2017 included Marci Freedman, Chronicle of Ahima'az" Tomb tours to the Holy Land: Exploring Jewish pilgrimages in the Middle Ages; Stefania Silvestri, Beyond a closed box: a Yeminite Pentateuch manuscript, its box binding and production models; Katharina Keim, The sale and export of Samaritan manuscripts to Western collections in the early twentieth century: a comparative analysis of the Samaritan collecting of Moses Gaster, E.K. Warren, and William E. Barton; Maria Cioată, Dr Moses Gaster's Istoria Biblica on the move; Philip Alexander, From Vitebsk to Glasgow: a tale of two cantors; Renate Smithuis, Donning borrowed clothes: Judah Halevi, Ibn Kammuna and Shi'i Theology; Katja Stuerzenhofecker, Displaying Religious Jews in Jewish Studies Classrooms. Further information.

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