Jeremy Rosen on the Agunah Project
Sunday, June 23, 2013 at 8:56AM
authorized web editor

Reflections on the Agunah Project. Orthodox Rabbi and commentator Jeremy Rosen has blogged on the Agunah problem and the contribution of the Centre's Agunah Project, led by former co-director Bernard Jackson. "The Jewish Law Association has just published the proceedings of the Fordham Conference of 2012. There the noble, brave, and persistent Professor Bernard Jackson, one of the unsung moral heroes of our halachic age, presented the summation of years of serious academic [research] by the Agunah Research Unit of the University of Manchester. With little fanfare, he and his team explored every aspect and possible halachic solutions to the problem and offered answers... In my opinion, it is a scandal and a desecration of God’s Name that two years later nothing has changed... I am deeply depressed that Professor Jackson and his team have received neither the kudos nor the reaction they deserve." Further information.

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