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CJS Research Seminars, Semester 2

We would like to announce the CJS research seminar series for semester two.

Please note the change in venue this semester. In Semester Two, CJS seminars will take place in Room 2.03 in the Mansfield Cooper Building (Building 65 on the Campus Map). See directions.

16:00 Thu 9 Feb: Sacha Stern (UCL)
"From Qumran to Nicaea: sectarianism and heresy"

16:00 Thu 1 Mar: Bernard Jackson (Liverpool Hope University)
"Constructing a Theory of Halakhah"

16:00 Thu 8 Mar: CANCELLED DUE TO ILL HEALTH. There are currently no plans to find an alternative speaker. 
Piotr Piluk (Journalist)
Jewish Life in Poland in the communist period and after 1989 from the perspective of a monthly magazine ‘Slowo Zydowskie / Dos Yiddishe Vort’”

16:00 Thu 15 Mar: Hadrien Laroche (French Embassy in Ireland)
“When everything is still possible and there is no further reason to hope: the last Genet, Israel, Jews, anti-Semitism and the Dawn of time (1968-1986)”

16:00 Thu 10 May: Miri Rubin (Queen Mary, University of London)
"Norwich 1144, Norwich 1150, and the birth of 'ritual murder'"

We would also draw your attention to a masterclass which might be of interest:

17:30 Wed 8 Feb: Arye Edrei (Tel Aviv University)
“Why No Mishnah in Rome? Problems of the Sources and of Methodology”
Venue: Samuel Alexander Building, S2.9 (South wing, second floor)  


Archive: Research Seminars 2009/10


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