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Research Seminars, Semester 1, 2011-12

We would like to announce the CJS research seminar series for semester one of the new academic year. All CJS seminars will take place in SG1 (South Ground lecture theatre 1) in the Samuel Alexander Building (Building 67 on the Campus Map). See directions.

16:00 Thu 27 Oct: Les Lancaster (Liverpool John Moores University)
“From Pico to Jung: Jewish Influences on the Psychohistory of Western Culture”

16:00 Thu 10 Nov: Daniel Falk (University of Oregon)
"Material Aspects of Prayer in the Dead Sea Scrolls"

16:00 Thu 8 Dec: Hedva Abel (University of Manchester)
“An Ancient Rabbinic Commentary on Exodus: Literary Structures in the Mekhilta”

We would also draw your attention to some other university events which might be of interest:

14:00 Thu 29 Sept: George Brooke (University of Manchester)
"Jacob and His House in the Scrolls from Qumran"
Venue: Samuel Alexander Building A7 (Ehrhardt Seminar)

14:00 Thu 10 Nov: Dorothy Peters (Trinity Western University)
"The Sword and Its Substitutes: Activism and Pacifism in the Dead Sea Scrolls"
Venue: Samuel Alexander Building A7 (Ehrhardt Seminar)

19:00 Thu 10 Nov: Esther Eshel (Bar Ilan University) 
"Old and New Inscriptions Found in Herodium"
Venue: Samuel Alexander Building A101 (CBS and AIAS Lecture)

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