Events and Activities 2017-18



For the time being, there will be no research seminar programme in Jewish or Israel studies. We are moving to a different model comprising public lectures, day conferences, and workshops:

The Bogdanow Lectures in Holocaust Studies (Jan 2018)

The Balfour Declaration one-day conference (Nov 2017)

The Holocaust Reading Group (Oct-Nov 2017)

The Sherman Conversation in Jewish Studies (Sept 2017)

The Postgraduate Jewish Studies workshop (July 2017)

The Sherman Community Lecture in Jewish Studies (May 2017)

The Astaire Seminar Series Panel: Cosmopolitan Jews (March 2017)

The Screen & Talk film programme (2017)



26 Oct 2017, 4.30-7.00pm: Judaica Project. Performance Lecture "Bodies of Song". G16, Martin Harris Centre. (CIDRAL event).

30 Nov 2017, 2.00-4.00pm: George Brooke (Manchester/Chester), "Aspects of Education in the Sectarian Scrolls from the Qumran Caves." Note: Presentation of Festschrift to Philip Alexander (Manchester) following George Brooke's presentation. 3.5 Roscoe Building. (Ehrhardt seminar)

6 Dec 2017, 4.15-7.15p: Tony Kushner (University of Southampton), 'The Holocaust, British Jews and Antisemitism: The 'Jew Murderer' and the Murder of the Jews.' (CJS and Manchester Met History)

23 January 2018 at 7.30pm: George Brooke (Manchester/Chester), 'The Dead Sea Copper Scroll: From Ancient Temple Treasure to Modern Media Star' at Hale Synagogue, Wicker Lane Hale, sponsored on behalf of the Anglo-Israel Archaelogical Society. Prior booking through Eventbrite.

1 Feb 2018, 4pm: Najat Abdulhaq (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg), 'Jewish and Greek Communities in Egypt'. A18 Samuel Alexander Building (A CJS and AMES seminar).


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