Darwin's Jews: Online Reader


This online reader was produced as part of a two-year Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship 2013-15 awarded to Prof. Daniel Langton. The project was entitled Darwin's Jews (see the brief overview) and considered Western Jewish engagement with biological evolutionary theories, Darwinian or otherwise.

For each individual, the online reader provides a contextual introduction, a primary text (for the Hebrew sources this means the original (PDF) and an English translation), excerpts from other writings by the author if appropriate, and a select bibliography. Each entry also includes a discussion forum.


Reform Jewish Views

1876: Isaac Mayer Wise 

1881: Emil Hirsch

1887: Joseph Krauskopf

Biblical and Rabbinic Views

1865: Elijah Benamozegh

1900: Abraham Isaac Kook

Darwin and the Holocaust

1948: Mordecai Kaplan

1968: Hans Jonas

Racial Theory and Zionist Eugenics

1884: Lucien Wolf

1933: Abraham Matmon

1934: Yisrael Rubin