Current PhD Students


Sherry Ashworth, The Reception of the Book of Esther in Nineteenth Century Novels (Langton and Morse)

Adi Bharat, Representations of Jewish-Muslim Relations in Contemporary France (McGonagle and Lebrun)

Julianne Burnett, Was Moses a Magician? (Swanson)

Fabienne Cheung, Identity in play: Michel Leiris, Georges Perec, and Marcel Bénabou (Tidd and Brillaud)

Dominika Cholewinska-Vater Contested loyalties in war: Polish-Jewish relations within the Anders Army' (Ochman and Dreyfus)

Eyal Clyne, Orientalism in Israeli Academia (Erica Burman)

Katharine Halls, 'Marriage and Gender in the Egyptian Jewish Commiunity, 1919-1960' (Moshe Behar) 

Izabella Goldstein, Songs of the Jewish Underworld in Pre-World War Two Warsaw (Bithell and Fanning)

Robert Kanter, 'A History of Jewish-Muslim Relations in the UK, c. 1900-1999' (Langton and Dreyfus)

Richard Liantonio, The Basis of Divine Pleasure in the Psalms (Swanson)

Lawrence Rabone, 'The Triumph of Philo-Semitism over Anti-Semitism and the Jewish-Christian Encounter in England, 1620-1656.' (Langton and Alexander)

Samuel Rogers, Ethnic Ethics: Hearing Jesus' Teachings in Luke as a Minority in Antiquity (Oakes and Klutz)

Emma Berg Saavedra, 'Jewishness, Zakar, and Writing: Yiddishkait as a Textual Identity' (Monica Pearl and Gelbin).

Tereza Ward, Social and Religious Jewish Non-conformity: Representations of the Anglo-Jewish Experience in the Oral Testimony Archive of the Manchester Jewish Museum (Langton and Williams)

Lindy Williams, Gardens in Ezekiel: A Changing Theology of Sacred Space in Response to the Challenge of the Exile (Swanson). 


PhD completions and supervisors:

Hedva Abel, Aspects of the Lemmatic Sequencing and Thematic Agenda of the Mekhilta de-Rabbi Ishmael (Samely)

Victoria Biggs, Storytelling, Community, and Memory among Israeli Jewish and Palestinian Youth (Taithe and Jeffers)

Kyung Baek, The Gospel of Matthew in the light of rewriting practices in the Dead Sea Scrolls (Brooke)

Edmund Chapman, Afterlives: Benjamin, Derrida and Literature in Translation (de Groot and Spencer)

Peter Choi, The Reception of Leviticus in Second Temple Jewish Literature (Brooke)

Marci Freedman, The Itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela (Mossman and Smithuis)

Janek Gryta, The Politics of Memory and Jewish Heritage: Warsaw - Krakow - Lodz after 1989 (Gelbin and Ochman)

Jarod Jacobs, The Hebrew Language of the 'Biblical' Dead Sea Scrolls (Brooke)

Jessica Keady, Purity and the Community of the Dead Sea Scroll (Brooke)

Katharina Keim, Pirqei deRabbi Eliezer: Structure, Coherence, Intertextuality, and Historical Context (Alexander)

Ros Livshin, Political Nonconformity in Minority Communities: Representations of the Anglo-Jewish Experience in the Oral Testimony Archive of the Manchester Jewish Museum (Langton)

Jan Lorenz, Remaking of Jewish sociality in contemporary Poland. Haunting legacies, global connections (Macdonald and de Souza Torresan)

Michelle Magin, Toward a Globalised Memory of the Holocaust: An Exploration of the Exhibition Spaces and Educational Programmes at Four Sites of Remembrance in Post-Unification Berlin (Gelbin)

Simon Mayers, From “the Pharisee” to “the Zionist Menace”: Myths, Stereotypes and Constructions of the Jew in English Catholic Discourse (1896-1929) (Langton)

Ion Popa, A History of Denial: The Romanian Orthodox Church and the Holocaust, 1938-Present’ (Dreyfus)

Marton Ribary, Legal abstraction in Roman and Rabbinic law (SamelyParkin and Giglio)

Aron Sterk, The Epistola Anne ad Senecam in its Literary and Historical Context (Samely and Alexander)

Roman Vater, 'A Hebrew from Samaria, not a Jew from Yavneh': Adya Gur Horon (1907-1972) and the Articulation of Hebrew nationalism. (Behar)

Andrew Wilshere, The Rights of the Other: Emmanuel Levinas’s Meta-Phenomenology as a Critique of Hillel Steiner’s An Essay on Rights (Steiner and Samely