About the Exhibition

This exhibition is an initiative of the Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Manchester, England. More flexible and immediate than a conventional exhibition, it represents the beginning of an on-going project to outline the development of Zionism in Manchester. The narrative comprises a sequentially arranged set of panels, with links to related topics and primary source material including photos, documents and letters. There are also details regarding relevant archives, suggested further reading, an additional photo and document gallery and a note on the nature of the research involved. In time, all these will be expanded and, hopefully, sound archive material will be added.

The aim is to outline some of the main figures, organisations and events that gave Manchester its reputation as "the cradle of Zionism".  Historically, Zionism in Manchester is important because (i) it was an early centre of Zionism, with many pioneering Hebrew teachers and activists, (ii) it contained representatives of every type of Zionism (religious, social and political), and (iii) it had an international role to play even before, but especially after, Chaim Weizmann’s arrival.


Brief Overview:

      1884–1895    ‘Colonisation Period’

      1896–1904    ‘Political Zionism’ in the pre-Weizmann era

      1904–1916    Zionism under Weizmann

      1917              Balfour Declaration

      1917–1930s   Relative lull in Zionism

      1933–1948     Intensifying Zionist activities and rescue work

      1948–             Establishment and support of the State of Israel

      1967               Six Day War