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Handle with Care by Jacqueline Nicholls

I’ve been working with the Centre for Jewish Studies at Manchester University on their 50 Jewish Objects project, focusing on items that feature the hand and handwriting. I selected the following four objects, but had the opportunity to handle and examine many others that were of interest: 1. handwritten fragment from Maimondes’ Mishah Torah 2. The Book of Wonder 3. a hamza (an amulet in the shape of a hand), and 4. Elaine Feinstein’s poem ‘Hands’ - the memory and touch of one who is not there.

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Interview with the artist Jacqueline Nicholls

As I already mentioned in my previous post, at the beginning of 2019 we advertised a commission for an artist to collaborate with the 50 Jewish Objects project. The proposals were engaging and making a decision was extremely challenging given the high level of creativity and interest of all the artists. But after long consideration, the panel decided to appoint artist Jacqueline Nicholls for this year’s commission.

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Exciting things ahead!

The last few months have been bustling with activities and the project is progressing steadily.

In January the Manchester’s Centre for Jewish Studies, as the hub of Northern British Isles Jewish Studies Partnership, organised a meeting specifically designed around the 50 Jewish Objects project. Colleagues from several of the partnership institutions contributed to the meeting, which included descriptions of Jewish artefacts at Leeds, Edinburgh, Dublin, Bangor and Manchester University collections, as well as Chester Cathedral. 

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Call for a 50 Jewish Objects artist 2019

As part of major new public engagement initiative of the University of Manchester's Centre for Jewish Studies, we seek to select an artist for a two-month project working to create Manchester-based artwork and public encounters in response to one or more of the historical and unique Jewish artefacts and manuscripts held at Manchester University’s John Rylands Library.

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Welcome to the 50 Jewish Objects blog

The 50 Jewish Object project is now well under way, so it is time for the official introductions. My name is Stefania Silvestri, and I am the researcher-educator appointed to work in this fascinating 34-months project.

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